The Mermaid and the Messerschmitt- Book Review

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So this is my first guest post/review. I had signed up to do some book reviews with a couple of publishing companies. This would have been fun and great however everyone sent me their books at the same time and there was no way I would be able to read and write reviews on time for all of them. I do however plan on reading the books I didn’t review and maybe even share my opinion with ya’ll.

My first guest book review is done by my friend A.D., she read “The Mermaid and the Messerschmitt: War Through a Woman’s Eyes, 1939-1940” by Rulka Langer. Thank you A.D. for reading and sharing your thoughts on this book. It makes me excited to read it.

I recently read the book The Mermaid and the Messerschmitt a novel written from a woman’s point of view during world war two in Poland. The novel begins with your average home setting, a family, friends and kids. As the time progresses you can see how things begin to stir and how the war begins to descend on the lives of those involved in this story. It is vividly detailed and a book I would recommend others to read. The photos contained are actually dated photos from the wars destruction. The environment is portrayed so that as the reader you can feel the terror of those bombs dropping. Throughout the story there are conflicts of war as well as conflicts for those living in this war. They are forced to leave there homes and seek shelter elsewhere. Families are separated and life becomes something that is unrecognizable to the characters involved. Throughout the days of war we learn how those involved are impacted and are able to understand in more detail how traumatizing war is. This book is one that I couldn’t put down. There are references to traditional Polish and German language that have been translated so you can see exactly how these “refugees” were treated. For anyone who is interested in the impact of war on a society this book is a must read.
Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received this book for free from for reviewing purposes. This post reflects my personal opinion and experience with the product which may differ from yours. No monetary compensation was provided for this post.