A Day at Victoria Park

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So today we went to Victoria Park in Kitchener for the Kidspark event. They had police cars, Ambulances, and firetrucks you could sit in. Along with a rolling demo showing what would happen if your car rolled and you didn’t have your seat belt on, and the fire department was spraying a fire hose. All in the “Rogers Safety Zone” which also included a rock climbing wall.

There were many booths to walk around and see. One section of the park had tents all about being “green”- “Environment Zone”, we talked to the people who pick up our recycling and found out our neighborhood will be getting the “green bin program” by November 1st. I’m excited about this as I hate throwing away things I know that are compostible. At another booth we had solar powered made slushies. mmmm…

Another section of the park had sports. Lee Lee got to try throwing a ball at a target, hitting a hockey puck and throwing a football- run/sponsored by the Kitchener Rangers and YMCA. They were very encouraging and gave both the child and the parents little gift packages. Lee Lee got a bag with a sucker, stickers, a tattoo and two day passes to the YMCA. And I got a family pack with, Boogie Wipes (which I am very excited to try out after reading about them on many of my mommy blogger friends’ blogs), “Raising Healthy Kids” On-The-Go activity cards, daily calendar, healthy eating book and teaching your child to read book.
We also visited a tent sponsored by Old Navy and Today’s Parents Magazine. They had a pretty sweet gift bag there too including a Frisbee and rice crispy treats. While there they took a photo of Lee Lee and she has been entered into a photo contest for Today’s Parent, winner will be in the cover and win a trip to somewhere, but I can’t remember where. LOL

I think she should win:

Anther section of the park was for education. We saw our friend Holly over there because she was working the Chapters booth. We also stopped where Lee Lee got to do a obstacle course run by The Little Gym and was given another frisbee. We also stopped by the Girl Guides of Canada booth and made a visor, which was highly needed since it was so hot out. Plus I’m hoping some day to get Lee Lee involved with them. Our next stop in the education world was the ESQ (Engineering Science Quest) booth, where they gave us “goo”, eww. But really, it was pretty cool. They had a lot of other booths for ESQ including, UV beads, magic caterpillars, car smash. All were to explore science. I love when people can make science exciting for kids.

The last stop we made was to sit down and watch Peter Mennie, the Funny Magician. He was very funny and interacted very well with not only the kids but the whole audience. My favorite part was a count card trick he did. No matter what he did he would still always have 5 cards in his hand, meanwhile he was getting frustrated with his counting. A great laugh.

I forgot to mention somewhere along the way I saw a booth called “momstownKW“. I ran right over to it, there first pitch was, we are here to help get mommys out of the house and connect with other mommies. I said, “sold”! I haven’t registered yet but I am pretty sure I will. I did enter a drawing to win a free year, keeping my fingers crossed.

I would recommend this event to everyone. You won’t be disappointed, there is something for all to do and great food! Thank you Kidspark for this amazing event and to everyone else who helped make it possible.
Disclaimer- I wrote this to talk about my day, I was not compensated for this post.