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I wanted to share with you all about a guy named Bradley Laborman. He is the creator and operator of, you may have seen him on Dr Phil or the Today Show. On July 1st he started a vlog called Bradman365 on youtube. He takes us on his journey as he gets ready to move from a small town in Iowa to New York, NY to pursue his dreams. He is also taking us on his journey on becoming vegan and losing weight. His daily videos are usually around 3-7 minutes and are just him talking about his day and the things he has planned for his future. There are many good things coming towards Bradley and to watch him through it all this next year is very exciting. I say “Isn’t cool to say, hey I watched that guy become a star!”. Also be on the look out for many more interviews on tv and radio.

My view on this is he is a must watch. How cool is it going to be to watch a star in the making? To watch someone work towards their dreams and they came true? I’m finding Bradman365 very inspiring, not only to keep reaching for my dreams but also in my weight loss journey. Lee Lee has gotten to see a few of these videos and she loves them too, she thinks he’s funny.

You can visit Bradley Laborman at the following:
bradman365 youtube
bradman365 facebook
Bradley Laborman facebook page
youtube BradmanTV (you can see a lot of other videos Bradley has created on this youtube page)
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