30-Day Method- book/dvd review

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Please keep in mind that this review is of the book/DVD combo and not a review on what Tracy Anderson can do, I have searched her website and have read many success stories of people using her other DVD’s and I do believe her 3000 patented moves do work. Also keep in mind that this is my personal opinion and my thoughts may not be the same as others.

I was provided the book “30-Day Method” by Tracy Anderson. You are asked to follow three parts. Part one “TA Method Muscle Design”. part two “TA Method Cardio Complement” and part three “TA Method Menus”. Before I started anything I read the book completely. Tracy Anderson repeats many times the importance of following all three parts in order for her method to work.

I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone unless they have a lot of time and money. You need to set aside 45 min- 1.5 hours for the work out each day. That part wasn’t too bad to me, it’s a lot of time to set aside as a mommy but I had no problem taking time for myself to get fit and have more energy. On top of the 1.5 hour you need to work out you will have to follow her meal plan and not sway from it.

Upon looking at her meal plan, she must think mom’s have time to cook all day. She has 4 “meals” per day and most are made of foods I never even heard of. When I went to make our grocery list for just one week for only me and it ended up being 2 full notebook pages of just veggie/fruits and two more full pages of other foods. I sent my husband to the store to buy the ingredients and he spent $150 and was only able to find maybe a third of what I needed. Although we are use to spending a bit more on fruits and veggies, (we love fresh foods) a lot of these foods she is asking for are hard to find/rare foods to find in a regular grocery store.

Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method is very unrealistic for “normal” families. The menu is very unreasonable and actually very unsafe for how hard you will be working out. You would not be getting enough calories to make up for what you will burn in our workout, you are starving yourself to loose weight.

To be able to afford & find & have time to cook the foods you would need to eat for these 30 days you would need to have a lot of money and hire someone to do it for you. And I hope you’re not a full-time working mommy who so easily has 1.5 hour of extra time to workout on top of cooking those meals. This 30-day method is for celebrities, just like all the ones she mentions many times in this book, not for the average mommy, women. Way too many unrealistic expectations of us.

Yes, she calls it her boot camp, if I had time and money for boot camp I wouldn’t be using this book. I do plan on finding a better eating and workout plan, one that fits into a mommy’s schedule and budget.

I do wish this 30-Day Method would be something that would work for me, as in reading the book it sounds very good.

As for the DVD. It’s not really a workout video. All the “TA Method Muscle Design” is just a how-to video and the rest is on your own. The “TA Method Cardio Complement” looks pretty good, and is the only part of all this that looks like something I will do for my workout. The video is all in black & white too, just to let you know before you watch it.

You can find more about this book here: http://tracyandersonmethod.com
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