“Forgotten: Seventeen and Homeless” book review

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“Forgotten: Seventeen and Homeless” by Melody Carlson. This is a fiction book about a High School senior named Adele. She lives with her mom who is how I put it, worthless. Her mom gets a new job in another town, Adele is concerned about this whole move as her mom hasn’t been able to keep a job for every long. After the move her mom gets an advance on her paychecks and goes out and splurges on a lot of nice things, even designer clothing for Adele.

On Adele’s first day of school she meets a group of people who immediately takes her in as their “friend”. She know they only like her because they think she is rich but she doesn’t care, it’s nice to fit in for once.

As Adele knew, her mom lost her job and started “flaking” out on her. Her mom was doing drugs with some low life and Adele had to get a job just to be able to eat. One day when Adele came home her mom was just gone. Adele tried to keep up face at school but it was becoming tougher and the lies started to build. Soon Adele found herself homeless. And soon her “friends” find out her lies and reject her from the group.

Adele found a mission and befriended a pastor there. After much time trying to fight for herself and not trusting anyone she reached out to this pastor. He shared with her the love and gifts from God and even though it was too hard for her to believe she decided to trust for once. There was a couple at the church who took her in and she started helping out at the mission, she even made a few true friends.

I loved this book. It was an easy read. I love the message it gives. If you put your trust in God you wont be poor(maybe there will be tough times, but God is there for you if you let Him be). The book teaches to learn to trust and give your life over to others. Adele had every reason to have a hard time trusting people but once she took the “leap” she found there are people out there she could trust.

We all need to let our guards down once in awhile and I think then we will be surprised with blessings that can come our way. Another lesson I learned is to not always judge a book by it’s cover. Adele was a “normal” High school student who became homeless. I think sometimes when we see homeless people we think they are lazy or must have deserved it, but we need to look deeper, maybe even reach out to those who have less. Everyone needs to be shown love.

I give this book an A+. A great Christian teen novel.

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