My Busy Weekend

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So, this weekend has been so busy but sooooo good and I wanted to share it with you all. It wont seem so exciting but whatever, lol. 😉

We all were very sick. Chris even stayed home from work. However Friday night I planned a fun “Camp Rock 2” pj party with Lee Lee. We had TONS of snacks and TONS of fun. Totally loved the movie, even better then the first Camp Rock.

We got rid of the huge fish tank that was in the playroom. After that was gone I was able to rearrange and clean the playroom. It looks so much nicer and bigger. Plus the kids have more floor space to dance. Currently the playroom’s favorite music is “Camp Rock 2”.

I cleaned the bathroom, which I love doing, I love knowing it’s nice and clean. I cleaned all three bedrooms, another great feeling. And Chris cleaned the family room.

The only room not cleaned was the kitchen.

Went to church. This was one of my favorite times I have ever been to church. I think it’s because I’ve been praying for my heart to change and not be so bitter towards people at church. Plus there seems to be a theme God is trying to show me about “resting in Him”. For three days this theme has come up and I love these kinds of messages I get from God.
Another plus at church is one of my fiends had her baby and was at church; two friends got engaged this past week and my best friend was at church with Moo’s best friend.

Oh and we went shopping for the rest of Lee Lee’s school supplies and a few things we needed around the house.

Finished labeling all of Linda’s clothes and school supplies with my Mabel Labels. Packed her school bag and have clothes picked out for her first day. We’re all very excited. Lee Lee loves to learn new things and to make new friends.

I swept the kitchen and Chris did the dishes.

Tonight I will have a blog up on a book I just finished reading. I’m excited to share it with you all.
And the only thing I need to do is make a BIG sign with out address # on it so the silly delivery people will get the correct house. Not been happy with the packages not making it to me because they tried delivering to the wrong house.

I’ll leave you with one of the beautiful sunflowers growing in our garden.