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We are a book family and when the people at Story Time for Me contacted me about an awesome new program for teachers and offered two free online children’s storybooks to each of my readers, I was excited to share with you.

Books are soooo important in a child’s life. I have been reading Lee Lee children’s books since she was born and now at age 4 she is already starting to read a few words on her own. She can sit for hours having books read to her and I can see a positive effect on her growth because of these children’s stories.

First the 2 free online books:
Visit and enter the code: 4j9Cn3m8

Want 10 more books for free? read below:
For those of you that want to earn an additional 10 stories (on top of the 2 stories) all you have to do is refer 5 of your friends or relatives that have kids ages 1-8 that would also enjoy 2 free books. They need to email with your name and email in the subject line stating they learned of this promotion from you and then they will have to sign up for the 2 free stories. Andrew will keep records and once you have referred 5 friends that have signed up you will get another code good for 10 free stories.

And finally, the most exciting to me; the teacher program:

The goal of Story Time for Me is to encourage reading in the classroom, and carry the enjoyment of reading beyond the school setting and into the home. Its developers are reaching out to teachers and preschools across the country to implement this no-charge reading program. A generous grant has enabled Story Time For Me to offer the storybooks, which normally cost $8, to a substantial but finite number of teachers for free. The program encourages success in reading and striving for excellence by allowing each student the opportunity to receive two “Certificates of Achievement” to be exchanged for his or her own personal Story Time For Me books. The joy of reading from these delightful multimedia books, coupled with the reward of a certificate, make for dual incentive for the children in the early stages of reading.

Story Time For Me, founded in 2010, is a unique literary website designed specifically for toddlers and children in their early years of school, allowing them to read and listen to enjoyable, online, multimedia picture books. Story Time For Me also offers one-of-a-kind, animated, personalized books. In this Story Time For Me series, the child becomes the “star” of the book by having his or her photo inserted and animated throughout the entire story in different poses and settings. The Story Time For Me e-library offers compelling storytelling with inspiring and memorable characters designed to stimulate any child’s imagination. The content improves the student’s cognitive development and reading skills. The interactive language prompts provide children with their own personal reading coach. Furthermore, questions and activities related to the books provide ways to further explore the themes presented in the stories.
Story Time For Me offers teacher, parents and children valuable literary resources that teach wholesome values through socially relevant themes while promoting healthy parental interactions that inspire and foster a child’s passion for reading.
For more information about the Story Time For Me Rewards Program, visit

Disclaimer- other then the 2 free books we all get, I was not compensated for this post. I wrote this post because I think books are important and hope you will enjoy your two free books as well. Please share this program with your child’s teacher, it’s a great opportunity.