“The Kissing hand”- book review

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My daughter, Lee Lee, started school this year and one of the first books her teacher read to her was “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn. Lee Lee loved this book and was talking about it all the time so I ordered it from Scholastic books.

I LOVE this book. Little Chester is starting school but is sad because he is going to miss mommy. Mommy teaches him the secret of the kissing hand. She spreads his hand out and kisses the middle of it. She tells him that whenever he misses her to place his hand on his cheek and it’s her sending him a kiss and saying “mommy loves you”.

I was smiling and bawling by then end of this book. I love when Chester gives him mommy a kissing hand too. Believe me, i think mommies need the kissing hand more then their little ones, Lee Lee agrees. She laughed and said, “maybe then you wont cry so much when I leave for school.” She’s right, LOL.

We also bought “Chester Raccoon and the Acorn Full of Memories” because it was the same author. It’s a great book but please be prepared to talk with your little one about death. We had the unfortunate circumstances to have to share with Lee Lee about death about a year ago and this book would have been a nice way to work through it. Another book that had me bawling, but very good.

You can buy “The Kissing Hand” and “Chester Raccoon and the Acorn Full of Memories” both at amazon.com
Please also visit Audrey Penn’s official site
I bought these books and was not asked to review them. I choose to review them because I thought they were awesome books and wanted to share them with you, my readers.