Baby Diner review & 50% discount code

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Ok first, raise of hands, how many of you have kids? Or maybe the better question is, how many of you have kids that like to throw their bowl or plate on the floor at dinner time? I bet many of you raised your hands, I know I did. Well that time has come to an end in our household thanks to the Baby Diner.

What is the Baby Diner? you may ask.
“Baby Diner attaches to any smooth table top or structure and allows a parent or guardian to secure any smooth bottom sided plate, bowl or any other dishware to prevent young children from accidentally knocking or throwing dishes on the floor. “

In other words it gives us parents a peace of mind knowing they won’t throw their bowl on the floor, or have to eat off a dirty table in a restaurant, or you having to hand feed your child.

My Thoughts-
There was some assembly required and it was tough to get the suction cups to go in the plastic. But I think that is a good thing, it means it would be hard for your kid to take it apart. The suction cups work amazing too.
The thing I love the most is meals have been easy to clean up. her tray is clean and the Baby Diner is simple to wipe up. I totally recommend this to all parents/grandparents with little kids.

Our 15 month old, Moo, loved it. At first it wasn’t love as she got frustrated not being able to throw her bowl. She tugged and pulled and twisted with all her might but it stayed stuck to the table. Soon she was eating and laughing and just enjoying her meal, in a bowl and not on the table.

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