Google Friend Connect

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I don’t know why I am not showing up on some of your lists, if you said you were following me I AM following you back. If you don’t see me on your list please click on my profile on google and see all blogs erica kloetstra is following. I ALWAYS follow back if someone is following me and lets me know they are following. And unless the blog turns out to be not so family friendly, I never delete myself from following anyone’s blog. It looks like a few of you have deleted me, probably because you didn’t think I was following you when I was.
Really stinks to have my weekend end with less followers then started with and my happy feeling of making my goal be stomped on. Oh well.

Oh and the funny thing is I use my google dashboard to read everyone’s headlines for the day, if something interests me I read it. I do visit every blog at least once a month or more because of some great posts that interest me. I don’t just join for the sake of joining, I think we all put our hearts into our blogs and hope that someone is reading them.