October- Blog of the Month 2010

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I am very happy to share this blog with you. it has touched my heart in so many ways and I think this month is perfect for her blog to be “blog of the month”.

I asked Debbie from Lucas’s Journey w/SPD to share with me more about her blog and the “Celebrate the SPD Foundations, 30th Anniversary” blog event. I’ve been touched by how much she loves her son and her journey she has taken by dealing with the symptoms/issues of this disorder. Along with what she does to help make awareness of SPD.
Our blog is having an awareness event for the month of October to “Celebrate the SPD Foundations, 30th Anniversary”. Every day a new giveaway will be posted on our main page of our blog http://lucasjourneyspd.blogspot.com!

Our goal is to raise awareness and funds to help the Foundation continue their efforts in educating parents, families, medical people, schools, etc… about SPD. They have done so much already but still need help to get the word out about SPD.

Normally, my blog follows the life of my son Lucas’s journey with SPD which is why I’m so passionate about this event. This event turned into so much more than I ever expected so time has been an issue with trying to do it all. Once the event is through I can get back to letting the world know about my little man and his struggles and triumphs!

We are hosting a 30 prizes in 30 days event to raise awareness for SPD. Our only requirement to enter these giveaways is to learn about SPD. We are not asking people to jump through hoops to get the entries just read about some of the signs of SPD so that if a loved one is ever affected in their lives they will have some knowledge of it so they are not misdiagnosed like so many other children are!

I have met so many wonderful people since starting this blog and had so many wonderful opportunities I would not have had otherwise. I feel blessed to do this because of that. From the beginning I felt that if all of my efforts only touched one other person, everything I’ve done to raise awareness up this point has been worth it!

Thank you for thinking our blog is worthy of being a “Blog of the Month”. I am only doing what any mother would do to help raise awareness for a disorder that needed help getting put onto the front burner.”