This is My Dad w/ Meniere’s Disease

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(photo taken in 1998)

This is my dad. He is my hero. He has worked HARD all his life and loves his family so much. He has Meniere’s disease.

What is Meniere’s?
“Meniere’s disease is an affliction of the inner ear. It can cause severe dizziness or even vertigo, tinnitus (noise or ringing sound in the ears) and hearing loss. The sufferer may also feel pressure in the affected ear. There is no cure for Meniere’s disease, although altering diet relieves some of the symptoms.

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My Thoughts:
The first thing I want to say is that this disease SUCKS!!! It’s not fair and I wish I could take it away from my Pa(I call my dad Pa). Even as I’m writing this I’m crying.
He cant work anymore. I know he would if he could but he just cant. Meniere’s seems to come without much warning, and each “spell” can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. My Pa has explained a spell feeling like your on a merry-go-round going as fast as it can and not stopping even though you just can’t handle it anymore. A lot of time cause him to get violently ill.
Trying to find a job is pointless and dangerous. On times he is having “spells” he would miss anywhere from 2-5 days of work in a row. On top of all that if he did work in a factory it could be a danger to him & others around him, he could end up getting dizzy while working heavy machinery and get hurt. Of if he got a job at a fast-food place he could easily get dizzy and vomit over the food, without warning. But don’t get me started on the journey my Pa has been taking on trying to get disability, evidently the government thinks he should work.

Now lets get on to about his hearing with this. He is deaf in his right ear now, it could be permanent or some hearing could come back. This sucks for s man who loves to sing and write songs. But it gets worse, he has this “humming” sound in that ear that won’t go away. At times he said he’s been tempted to go to the tool shed and shove an ice-pick into his ear to make it go away. Upon researching his disease he discovered that Van Gogh might have had Meniere’s, and might be the reason he cut his ear off. My Pa said it’s totally believable.

Despite my Pa’s illness he is still a strong man to me. I know he is a call away for me to get some cheering up or to talk me through my migraines. He’s still creating his songs, not as often but he still does it. I wish I lived closer to them being over a 16 hour drive from him hurts a lot sometimes. I also just wish my Pa would have the access or ability to fulfill his dream of being an actor, it’s been his dream as long as I’ve known him(which is all my life). I LOVE you Pa!!

Below are some photos of my Pa throughout my life.

(My Pa & I in a Play together, I was 10 years old)

My Pa & Ma- true love

My Pa in a Play he was in.

My crazy Family. You got to love them, they made me the way I am and I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you Pa & Ma.