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Welcome to Thursday Blog-Hop.
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Bassgiraffe's Thoughts Canadian Mommy Blog Reviews and Giveaways

1. Please follow the hosting blog- bassgiraffe’s Thoughts and the STAR blog in spot #2. (PLEASE follow this rule, I have been a featured blog of other hops and never get any new followers, really sucks when people don’t follow the rules)
2. Please visit as many blogs as possible.
3. If someone visits your blog please visit theirs back, but I know that we don’t like all blogs we visit so don’t feel obligated to follow back if you don’t want.
4. Family friendly blogs only, please.
5. You will need to link to your blog post that has the above blog-hop button. Without a post it makes it harder for people to have a proper place to comment and let you know they stopped by. You will NOT be chosen as “Star Blog” if I can’t find the button on your blog!
I will be featuring one blog from the week before who made a post containing the blog hop button. This is a random draw from here on out. Each week’s STAR spot will be chosen via If the blog chosen does not have a post containing the hop button I will redraw a name. I hope that made sense. (PLEASE– in order to be the “Star Blog” you HAVE to have the button on your blog post/or sidebar, and please make it easy for me to find).

This week’s STAR spot is From The Adventures Of A Italian/Greek Girl. Please follow her blog.


I thought it would be fun to get to know the “Star Blogger”, so I asked them a few questions.

1- How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging a little over a year. I originally started out with three blogs but I finally narrowed it down to one blog. During the course of the year I didn’t have time to do a lot of posts because I was busy with school. My main focus was setting up the layouts & templates sort of getting them ready so when I did have time I would then post a lot. I realized it was too time consuming with three blogs, so that’s when I decided just to stick with one blog. Even after I had just one blog, I was still very busy & I just posted a little bit not daily posts or anything big. Just recently about a month ago I really started getting into blog hops & all that jazz. I still don’t have many posts because I am still busy with some personal stuff right now but eventually my blog will contain a lot of posts & a whole lot of things.

2- What got you started on blogging?
I think the fact that I love writing & expressing myself opened the doors to the blogging world for me. I really don’t remember how I first came about it. I think I was first looking at other’s blogs & I found them to be very interesting. Before I began looking at other’s blogs, I really had no idea what a blog was, or what it’s purpose was. So once I found out more about it, I thought it would be something I would definitely be interested in pursuing a hobby in. From then on that is what I am doing. I absolutely love blogging.

3-what is the main focus of your blog?
My blog doesn’t focus on any particular thing. The title of my blog is ” The Adventures Of A Greek/Italian Girl.” I thought the title would be clever because I am of Greek & Italian heritage & my blog is about the adventures of life. It is about everything. I will talk about movies, vintage, culture, heritage, everyday things, celebrities, fashion, recipes, & a whole lot more. I haven’t covered all the topics I want to talk about yet because I haven’t had the time, but eventually I will. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

4- Is there anything else you’d like to share with my readers?
I want to say thank you so much to Erica the host of bassgiraffe for putting my blog as “Star Blog’. It’s very sweet of you & I’m honored. I’m glad to share these questions with the readers so they can know more about me.


Welcome to those who are coming from other hops:
I ALWAYS follow back, I may not leave a message right away but I do follow back. Please leave me a comment if you want me to visit your blog. You can read more abut this here-

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