25th Anniversary Mega Bloks Party

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I had the AMAZING privileged to host a Mega Bloks party because of being part of MomSelect and their new section called MommyParties.

One day a delivery guy pulled up to my house and pulled out two HUGE boxes from his truck. I ran to the door and said, “what in the world is all that?” and he replied “Looks like Toys”. And sure enough the boxes said Mega Bloks on them.

I felt like a kid a Christmas opening the boxes, I kept pulling out toys, toys and more toys. There was a letter enclosed explaining what they were for and how to have a party. There were a list of games we could play, snacks to serve and what I need to do after the party. They even provided an awesome Mega Bloks musical Pirate ship for one of the guests to win. They went ALL out!!!

What was in the box-

So I set out to find 8 kids to come over for a party. I told the parents that I would need to take photos and videotape their kids at the party but no names would be used. If they agreed to that they could come. The days leading up to the party were exciting for me, making a shopping list for food, planing a time-line of how the party will go. Making plans to rearrange the playroom… I couldn’t wait for Saturday to come.

We held the party November 13th at our house. Eight of Lee & Moo’s friends came and we had a blast. Ranging from ages 14 months to 7 years old.

I started out the party explaining the even and drawing names to see who got what vehicle. I decided to do this to prevent any fighting over who got which toy and it seems to work. I also had the parents write their kids name on a piece of tape and put it on the bottom of the toy so they wouldn’t get mixed up.

VERY HAPPY KIDS with their new toy-

Next we did a race. I had my husband make racing lines on the floor and the kids lined up. We had 3 different rounds and I think they all had a fun time. We then played a game where everyone got into teams of two, they stood on one end of the room with a piece of the Mega Bloks Table and we dumped the 80 piece bag of Mega Bloks on the floor. I would call out a color and they would have 10 seconds to run and find it and bring it back to their table piece and start building a tower, in the end whoever had the biggest tower that didn’t fall over won.

Instead of doing the snacks they suggested in the party papers we did lunch. It was build your own pizza with a twist. Each kid got little cups filled with each of the ingredients and got to dump/place onto their pizza they wanted. Below is how our pizzas were made. (when I say “cup” I mean the small cups we used)
* 1- small pita
* some cream cheese
* cup of orange cheese (cheddar)
* cup of white cheese (mozzarella)
* cup of tomatoes
* cup of onions
* cup of chopped mushrooms
* cup of chopped peperoni.

The parents helped spread the cream cheese and the rest was up to the kids to build their pizzas the way they want. It was so much fun and sooo messy and everyone loved it.

This was such an awesome idea and so much fun. I think I had as much fun as the kids did. I was able to use a lot of the party ideas from MommyParties and also able to create my own stuff.

YOU CAN WIN! (from Mega Bloks)
This party was in celebration on Mega Bloks 25th anniversary. You can click the photo below to enter to win 1 or 25 Mega Bloks prize packs valued at $500. Also when you go out to buy some Bloks for your kids (Christmas is coming soon) look for specially marked bags for a chance to win $25,000 towards your child’s future or win one of 25 Mega Bloks prize packs.

*Disclaimer- I was give all the Mega Bloks toys for free to host a MommyParty. I was not asked to give a positive review and all opinions are my honest views which may differ fro yours. I was asked to share photos with MommyParties and Mega Bloks in return for them sponsoring this event.

HUGE thank you to-
Mega Bloks
BSM Media