37 Years= True LOVE

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My parents are celebrating 37 year being married this year! CONGRATS!

I am proud of my parents, they are PROOF that marriage can last no matter what. They haven’t had an easy marriage, lots of ups & downs. Illnesses, fighting, death, stress, depression, job problems… They never took the world’s philosophy, “when marriage gets tough run away from it”, my parents took what I truly believe it the right way, work through it, stay strong, learn to love again and again.

In 1973 even tough they had a wedding planned they eloped. I think their story is so romantic. To sit and hear them talk about those times it feels like a movie.

The one thing I think that has helped in their marriage is their laughter. They call my dad, goofy and I know my mom is always having to sigh, roll her eyes and laugh… Below is a photoshoot they had for their 35th anniversary. Although they are outtakes of the day I think they capture their silliness.

THANK YOU mom & dad for being the proof of marriage working no matter what. I can’t wait my Chris & I to be married for for as long as you guys have.

Although they sometimes feel like they want to kill each other…

Laughter is the best medicine.