“Cool It” Movie Review

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1019 Entertainment Production presents “Cool It” with Bjorn Lomborg

” In “COOL IT,” environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg goes beyond global climate change to remind us of man’s obligation to his fellow man. He urges rethinking a “just throw money at it” approach in favor of one that will enable the critical investment of more resources to help benefit suffering people along with the planet we inhabit. “COOL IT” offers an opportunity to offer another way forward for the entire planet with a message that will resonate with the world.”

My Thoughts:
I was given the opportunity to pre-screen a new Movie that is coming to select theaters November 12th and adding more on November 19th called “Cool It”. I was interested in watching this as I try to be as eco-friendly as possible and I wanted to know what Bjorn had to say about it.
This film will be a movie you either like and learn something from or you will hate and try to bash or prove wrong. For me I learned a lot and started doing more research on my own online.
This movie made sense. I kind of got the , quality of life not quantity of life feel. Why waste BILLIONS of dollars trying to fix a problem when in the end it will only change things a fraction of a degree. We could be spreading those dollars out to help the environment AND those who are hungry, ill, homeless…? Bjorn speaks with many scholars (some for what he says and others against) and tries to find a better solution to our “global warming”. “Instead of doing what is fashionable why not do what is rational?”
I also found out an interesting fact. On Earth hour when we dedicate one hour a year to shut off out lights, we basically are doing no good. We usually light candles in replace of the lights. Did you know that the amount of CO2 emitted from 2 candles is equal to one light bulb? The fact is it would be better to just leave our lights on. And I’m the first to admit that I never thought I’d be the one to say that.
Bjorn is not saying we stop our personal efforts in helping our environment but he is says we need to stop the fear tactics and start working on REAL solutions to all the worlds’ problems.

Over all I was very impressed with this movie and the research that went into it. I really enjoyed this movie and have a lot of thinking to do and searching for myself. “Cool It” has given me a jump start to that.

You can find “Cool It” at the following-
“Cool It” website
Reel Truths website
*Disclaimer- I was given a free opportunity to preview this movie. These are my honest opinions which may differ from yours. Synopsis & photo provided by the company
**A HUGE thank you to the people at Propeller for connecting with me and allowing me to do this review.