Dr. Fresh’s FireFly toothbrush‏- Review

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We are always having problems getting Lee to brush her teeth long enough. She was always asking, “was that enough?” & “how much longer?” Dr. Fresh has given us the FireFly Toothbrush to help with these questions. We were given a Barbie FireFly toothbrush to test out. Immediately Lee want to use it, not only does she love Barbie but she loved seeing the blinking light.

The blinking light lasts for 1 minute ensuring your child brushes long enough to get their teeth clean and healthy. Because Lee was distracted by the blinking light that she didn’t even realize how long she was brushing. I love this brush, it makes Lee WANT to brush her teeth.

When the battery runs out it tells you it’s time to buy a new brush. This is another awesome feature of the tooth brush, not having to worry when to switch it out, it does it for you.

With Christmas coming this would make a great stocking stuffer. And with many styles to pick from you can find that perfect brush for your child.

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