Help me Win a Second Honeymoon

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Some of you may remember a post I made over a month ago about trying to win a second honeymoon. Well the contest is still going on and I am very very very far behind. I know I could win if everyone would vote. You can vote daily and contest closes Dec 10th. I never really had a real honeymoon and now with kids a real one seems like a distant dream. This means a lot to me. Please ask people to vote via twitter, facebook, and any other social media way you would like. I own you all a ton.
Below is more info.

Everyone has to register to vote, and if your are in Canada you can be entered in to win $1000 travel voucher from Flight Centre and a digital point & click camera from Henry’s. If you live outside Canada you will have to register and check the box that you do not wish to enter the contest. I hope that makes sense, I want everyone to be able to vote if they want to.

Never had a Honeymoon-
When we got married 10 years ago, we both were attending Moody Bible Institute and didn’t have a lot of money. We spent the first half of our “honeymoon” at my husband’s parents cottage and they visited us everyday. the second half was spent at my husband’s grandparents’ house. My dream would one day be able to go somewhere romantic with my hubby and celebrate our love on our own. We’ve worked hard all our lives and now have two beautiful girls. It seems now we will never get that really honeymoon I’ve always dreamed of.

Photos of my hubby and my sweet family: