I am in “The New York Times”

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Last week I got an email from someone from “The New York Times”, at first I though it was a joke or just spam but I thought, I might as well google the writers name to see if she was real and she was. I sent her an email back saying I’d love to talk to her.

She was working on a piece for one of this year’s hottest toys, Squinkies. She asked a rep from Squinkies who she should talk to and they said they had done some work with mommy bloggers and she came across my name.

We had a good long phone conversation about the toy AND about blogging. It was so surreal to me. I kept saying to myself, “am I really talking to ‘The New York Times’ about my blog and Squinkies? Am I really going to be in this huge paper? WOW!!”

Well the article came out today. I am only a small part of it but it is still really awesome to even be part of it at all. Thank you Stephanie and thank you “The New York Times”.