November Blog of the Month 2010

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This month I picked a new blog, well at least new to me. AND it’s not a mommy blog but a daddy blog. His blog has grown very fast and I think it is because of his not being afraid to say it like it is and what he does say we all have to smile and say “yes, totally…”

Congrats to Single Dad Laughing for being Blog of the Month on bassgiraffe’s Thoughts. And thank you for making me smile, think, and just plain laugh at life. I enjoy reading your blog daily.

I really encourage you all to read his blog. You really learn a lot about life’s ups & downs and how to work through them/or laugh through them.

Did you know if you’d like him to have your button on his blog all you have to do is send him some M&M’s? that’s right M&M’s, why didn’t I think of that, LOL.

You can also find Single dad Laughing on Facebook