“TrueFaced” book review

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I asked my sister-in-law, “G”, to read this book and write a review. I knew it would be a book she’d be able to read well and write about well too. I was having problems getting through the book and needed help. Thank you “G” for taking the time to read this and write about it.

TrueFaced: trust God and others with who you really are” by Bill Thrall, John Lynch, Bruce McNicol
“For those who have been Christians for a short or long time, we eventually become disillusioned that we are not transforming into who we desired to become, or are not freed from the sins that we had hoped would disappear at the time of our salvation. God promised us a bright future and plan if we live for him, but why is that not happening?
TrueFaced artfully answers this question as the authors take their readers on a journey, showing the choices we make which lead down separate paths towards different results. Because we are ashamed of who we are and our sin, we cover it up with masks. We put on a face that tells others we are fine, but in fact, we are not. The authors explain that there are two paths we can follow as Christians: the most popular and easiest one is the path of Pleasing God, which leads to the Room of Good Intentions. There, we all wear our masks and are focused on earning God’s love – an impossible feat. The other, less popular and more difficult path, is the path of Trusting God. This path leads to the Room of Grace. Instead of wearing masks, we accept that we are all working on sin and accept ourselves and each other for who we are. Also in this room are God’s gifts to us: Love, Repentance and Forgiveness. These are truly marvelous gifts, which the authors go into detail to explain how they work in our lives in relation to grace. It is only when we truly trust God with who we are (not who we want to be) that God works in us and reveals to us his plan that he so desperately wants us to embrace.
This book tackles some deep issues in a way that at first glance seems almost too simplistic. Grace is a complex theological concept that usually comes with many scripture quotations and Biblical scholar’s interpretations. Instead, grace is presented in TrueFaced in a practical and descriptive way that enables any Christian reader to grasp its concepts. It really is as “simple” as trusting God with ourselves and allowing him to do the rest. This book will take you on a journey of faith that you won’t easily forget.”

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