1 year anniversary

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So, a year ago today I made my first post as a blogger. My blog started off as a place to share about what was going on in my kids life so that family/friends who lived far away could see how they were doing. I also used the blog to share some of my opinions.
This blog did turn into a review blog until the end of March when through some strange circumstances I received some free clothing for my girls and I blogged about it so my family could hear about it. From there another company contacted me saying they saw my “review” and was wondering if I’d review their product. From there I did research about blog reviews and found it was a big thing. I only had 12 followers at the time and now I’m over 1600!! I’ve been in the New York Times, the Waterloo Chronicle, on a local radio station, and will be appearing on a local TV show.
If you has said a year ago I would be writing reviews/being in newspapers/being on TV I would have laughed. I first off would never thought of being a writer, I hated writing. Second I’m a bit camera shy and all the publicity has been a challenge, good but challenging.
THANK YOU ALL for coming on this journey with me. It’s fun and I appreciate you all being here. I hope to make this place the best it can be for all of you. MUCH LOVE.

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