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About FitKit-
“Amie Hoff and Beth Michaels are co-founders of and Life² LLC. Sisters from a family of 8 siblings, they grew up in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC. Early on they learned the value of independence, healthy competition, and helping others, and in their active family sprawl, they shared a passion for fitness, healthy living and achieving goals.
With a bond made from equal parts friendship and family ties, the sisters lit on something that not only fueled their creativity and passion, but allowed them to apply their unique skill sets to help others reach new levels of health and wellness. provides Beth and Amie the opportunity to give back to their community and the causes they believe in. Both are active in philanthropy, raising money for non-profit organizations as board members and supporters. Together, they have completed two century bike rides in Lake Tahoe and the New York City Triathlon as members of Team in Training, raising money for Leukemia and Lymphoma, a disease which has affected close friends and family members.”

My Thoughts-
With the New Year coming around the corner and the Holiday eating on our mind, it is the perfect time for us to rethink our health and fitness. Here I am to introduce to you the FitKit
This will be the first of 6 weeks worth of a review, but this will be the main one. FitKit comes with a 6 week program and you can use their FitKitCLUB to help you along the way. For my review I am using both the FitKitHOME and the FitKitCLUB to help me on my journey to weight loss and good health.
I hate to admit this but in order to be honest about this product I need to be honest about my life. Since May 2010 I have gained 23.5lbs!! I was working hard at loosing weight but lost motivation and felt like I had no time or money to get healthy. The FitKit is sold at a great price and comes in a small case that fits in the diaper bag making it easy for my to bring with me everywhere.
The FitKitHOME comes with 2 types of resistant bands, an adapter for the door to do different moves for a full workout, you get a jump-rope, pedometer, a reflective safety band to wear on your arm when running outside, and a emergency tag that you fill out with all important info about yourself that you can hang on your shoe or drawstring of your pants.
With the online club you get a meal plan that is flexible, easy to make, easy to find foods. I’m a picky eater and there is a ton of foods that sound yummy in this plan and I can’t wait to start them tomorrow.
For fitness there are many exercises you can do, switch it up and challenge yourself. My only complaint, and maybe there is a way around this that I haven’t found yet, is all the workouts are online, meaning I have to be near my computer to workout. However once I get to use to what workouts to do and how to do them I won’t need my computer. So far from what I have tired I am loving it.
I really believe this program is going to work. So, I will post weekly letting you know what I ate daily, my workouts AND how much I have lost. To begin you will need to know my stats, they are embarrassing but the truth. My goal is to loose 12lbs-15lbs in the 6 weeks.
Dec 08, 2010-
height- 5’11”
Age- 32
Weight- 248lbs
upper arm- 15.5 inches
thigh- 26 inches
hips- 46 inches
waist- 49 inches

FIND it-
* Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate my review. This post reflects my honest, personal opinion and experience with the product which may differ from yours. Product information courtesy of the sponsor. No monetary compensation was provided for this post.