FitKit- week #1 check-in

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follow me on my journey to getting fit-

This week was a rough one for me. I really stunk at following the food plan. This is not a reflection on the FitKit plan, it’s just me being lazy, again… I will be switching to a new plan which you have read about in another post.

I do want to say I am LOVING the workouts. I love how my legs hurt the next day after a good hard workout. I’m sleeping better and have more energy during the day. Also something that is a praise from working out is my ovarian cysts are starting to go away. My doctor said I could get them to go away if I would workout more (working out releases hormones, however I am not your doctor so I suggest anyone with cysts talk to their doctor first before using only working out as a way to help. I just refuse to go on The Pill to “fix” the problem) but I really never felt motivated, since getting the FitKit I feel motivated. It’s something nice to be able to reach for and easily get a quick workout done with.

This week I weigh in at-
245.5 lbs
total loss– 2.5 lbs

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