I’m in the Waterloo Chronicle

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I’m so excited to be in my local newspaper. After being in the New york Times my husband, Chris, came up with the idea of informing the local media about a “local women being in the New York Times”. I called my mom and asked if she could write a press release, she worked a new paper office for many many years and I knew she’d be perfect at writing it.


One of the media outlets we sent the press release to was our local newspaper, “The Waterloo Chronicle“. Charlotte Prong Parkhill contacted me and set up an interview. Last week she came to my house and we chatted, it really didn’t feel like an interview, more like two friends talking. (which was nice because I was nervous) I had my friend Heather over to watch Maggie so everything would go smoothly, as well. My first impressions were, “wow, she really looked up my blog and had a lot of knowledge about it”. She took pages and page of notes, not missing a detail. After the interview we set up my playroom couch with some items I’ve reviewed and even Maggie got to be in it with her Leo the Lion from LemonPie Handmades, it’s her favorite toy and can’t sleep without it.

The article came out today, I’m the feature in the business section. In the paper my blog name is spelled wrong and there is no link to my blog, so people reading the paper version of the paper wont be able to find me(unless they were able to get my email before it went to print). But they were able to make the corrections on the online version of my article, so hopefully enough people will look at that.

Thank you Waterloo Chronicle and that you to Charlotte Prong Parkhill.