Nutrisystem Canada- Intro

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I am very very very excited to got to be part of the Nutrisystem Canada blogger program. I have always wanted to try this program but was scared it wouldn’t work and I would have wasted my time. Now I get to try it, and show you, my readers, how it works. I will post my thoughts, my struggles, my triumphs, the joys, my weight-loss… For the next couple months I will be posting, I hope you will join me for weekly updates.

To tell you the truth I am also scared about starting. Starting means I will be changing my life. I can no longer just say, “oh well, I might as well eat this or that, I’m already fat”. I can’t hide behind food. Food is my comfort. I eat when I’m sad, stressed, happy, socializing… Food is everywhere and with Nutrisystem Canada program I will have no excuses to over-eat. Yes, this is a good thing but it is still scary.

Hopefully in the next week I will be getting my food and I will be on my way. I plan on using their free food counseling help to get me through this. I will post photos of me (yuck) and will do a weekly weigh-ins. I will also continue to workout as I think this is an important part to becoming healthy again.

My current stats-
Height- 5′ 11″
Weight(weekly updated)- 245.5 lbs
Thighs- 24.75 inches
Waist- 48 inches
Hips- 47 inches
Upper arms- 14.5 inches

My photo(will update monthly)

Disclaimer- I am part of the Nutrisystem Canada blogger program. They are providing me with free food with the understanding that I will be blogging and giving my HONEST opinion on the Nutrisystem Canada program.

Twitter hashtag- #NSCANADA