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I received a Susan Nichole handbag for Christmas, from my sweet husband. Some how he managed to have it sent to his work, get wrapping paper to work, wrap it and get it into the house without me knowing. He gave me the Sierra in Army Green. I LOVE IT!!! It’s a high quality bag. The zippers are nice and strong/thick, which means they wont easily bust open. I love all the pockets it has, plenty of space for everything I like to carry around. The stitching is great too and the bag is heavy duty so it won’t wear out quickly. Definitely a purse I am proud of owning.
I also love that this bag is an animal friendly purse, meaning no animal was used in anyway in making this bag (100% Vegan). This bag is BEAUTIFUL!!! The second I opened it I wanted my old purse so I could transfer my items into it.
There are two other bags I am in LOVE with at Susan Nichole Handbags- Savannah in Black & Red and The Love Bag in Yellow (or eggplant if it comes back in stock).
Thank you hubby for getting me the bag of my dreams and thank you Susan Nichole Handbags for making beautiful, animal friendly/planet friendly bags.

Christmas morning-

“Susan Nichole was founded to provide women with beautiful, functional handbags designed to be elegant, stylish and fun-loving – much like the women who carry them. Consistent with our animal and earth friendly ideals, all Susan Nichole handbags are made from 100% recyclable, vegan materials and contain absolutely no animal products. Such a direction gives women the option to carry beautiful designer handbags that are trendy and fashionable, yet maintain their animal and earth friendly principals.”

Disclaimer- I was not compensated or asked to write this post. My husband bought me this bag and I wanted to share with my readers about it.
Product photo/info is from Susan Nichole Handbags facebook page