What Sweet Kids

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So, it snowed a lot today and my driveway/sidewalk needed a quick shovel. I was planning on doing it once Chris got home so I wouldn’t have to watch the girls at the same time.
Next thing I know I hear someone in my driveway shoveling. I look outside and there are these three kids, ages 8-11, cleaning my driveway for me. I know I’ve seen then in the neighborhood, I think they just moved here. I asked them if I could pay them and they said, “no, this is fun and we don’t mind doing it for you.” Thank you to their parents who taught them kindness, who taught them they can help others and not ask for something in return. Wish I knew who their parents are so I can thank them and let them know they should be proud.
There are still good parents out there who teach their kids love/kindness/respect. Makes me happy to see this.
Only bummer is, I LOVE to shovel my snow, LOL.