January Rogers Cable 20 TV appearance

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I got the privileged of getting to be on Rogers Cable 20 out of Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario area, on the show ‘daytime’ with Susan Cook-Scheerer. The show airs LIVE at noon and then re-air at 3, 6 & 11

This time I got to bring in three products to talk about and give my thoughts. Not only that but today was Freebie Friday and each company I reviewed donated some products to giveaway on the show.

This time I was nervous but not as bad as last time. In fact I was more excited then nervous. I got to talk more about being a mommy blogger then about each product. The first product we talked about was from Kiokko Bebe Couture. I talked about their blankets and my love for their washcloths. Kiokko also donated a bib, eco-mini washcloths, eco-washcloths and a pacifier clip for the freebie Friday.
The next product I talked about was the helios bracelet from peacock & lime. I talked about how the whole bracelet is handmade, beautiful and durable. peacock & lime donated a heart wish bracelet for Freebie Friday. The last product I talked about is a book called “Introducing Hairietta Hairison, The One, The Only Me” by Jo Zumbrunnen. I love this book and I think both hosts loved it too. They had a lot of really nice comments after the show about this book and the meaning behind it. Jo Zumbrunnen donated an autographed copy of the book for Freebie Friday.

I LOVE doing these TV appearances. It’s so much and in a way I feel like I’m helping my dad. his dream is to be on TV/Movies and I think seeing his daughter on TV makes him proud. I’m excited to be asked back for Family Day in February. I hope to review a few toys for Family Day. I also want to add how welcoming and kind all the people at ‘daytime’ are. I’m nervous going there but after everyone chit-chats I feel just like we’re talking over coffee. Truly amazing people.

Thank you Rogers Cable 20 and Susan Cook-Scheerer. Also a HUGE thank you to Kiokko Bebe Couture, peacock & lime and Jozy.

I also will be doing reviews of these companies on my blog below are the links to the reviews-
*peacock & lime- review & giveaway
*”Introducing Hairietta Hairison, The One, The Only Me” by Jo Zumbrunnen- review & giveaway
*Kiokko Bebe Couture- review

My segment and then the Freebie Friday segment below-

I also wanted to thank Mommy Perks and Follow Me I’m Canadian and Little Village Naturals for helping me out.