Moxie Girlz review

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I shared with you in September about the great deal we got on a Moxie Girlz Doll and that is was a gift for Lee at Christmas.

Lee FINALLY got to open it and boy was she happy. You’ll be able to see her smile later below.

My thoughts on the doll. I love that she is dressed modestly yet trendy. It’s hard to find dolls now a days that are trendy AND modest, so this is a plus for me on this doll. I also love her hair, it’s so thick and pretty. lee loves brushing it. Her eyes are very cute too. I also love how movable she is. She has ankles that you can move her feet around and her hips move around well too. Making the doll great for posing for a “fashion show” and for changing her clothes. And with little kids in the house I love that the shoes are attached to the feet, that way Moo won’t take them off and try to eat them.

This is Lee’s thoughts- I like the shoes, I like the pink on them. I like her shirt, because it has pink on it too. I also like the black bow on her pants. I like her brown hair, I like all of her hair. I like the lip-gloss on her too.

This mother approves and so does this kid. I think she wants a few more Moxie Girlz soon, LOL.

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Disclaimer- We purchased this product on our own and wanted to share our thoughts with you. I was not asked to review this item, nor was I compensated for writing this post. This is my honest opinion of the product and may differ from yours.