Nutrisystem Week #3

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Well, I’ve made it through week #3. This week was a lot easier for me then last. I found an online board that has great recipes to spruce up your Nutrisystem meals and still be following the program. There is some I’ve tried and some I can’t wait to try.
My favorite meal is still their pizza. This week I added some mushrooms to it and it gave it even more of a WOW factor.
I also continued to use the “Walking” DVD, this week I did their 2 mile walk. It got a lot tougher, but I felt good while doing it.
My new package of food will be here this week. I’m excited to receive it.

Now for the moment we all have been waiting for, the weigh-in. I weighed in at 234.4lbs today. For a loss this week of 2.2lbs and a total of 7.6lbs

If you missed any past updates/posts from me on my journey with the Nutrisystem program you can click here to read more.
This is my official starting weight- 242 lbs.

Disclaimer- I am part of the Nutrisystem Canada blogger program. They are providing me with free food with the understanding that I will be blogging and giving my HONEST opinion on the Nutrisystem Canada program.

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