Nutrisystem week #4 (1 month!)

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WOOHOO!! I’ve made it through my first month. I’ve had my ups and downs but I really do feel better. I feel better about myself, I have more energy, I feel stronger. My promise to myself for this next month is to workout waaayyyy more then I did this month. I hope to see the pounds fall off of me and muscles to come back. My new favorite food of the week is Penne Pasta and Chicken in Alfredo Sauce. And you know that pizza I talked about so much, well they discontinued it here in Canada. However they did replace it with a flatbread pizza, hoping it’s just as good.

So, how did my week #4 go? It was actually pretty easy, I even ate food I didn’t like as much. But I think this was mainly because I knew my new food was coming, or so I thought. I don’t want to go on too much about this but it was a problem and it did cause me a lot of stress and panic attacks.
Last week I noticed my new order hadn’t came in my account yet. I asked my contact if she knew what was up. Then on Tuesday I get my order confirmation, BUT it was the wrong order. I panicked. A lot fo food on that new order I knew I wouldn’t eat, my thoughts were “am I going to have to suffer through these foods again? What can I do?” I emailed and called my contact, she was right on it and got the order changed within the hour. I then waited for the delivery confirmation. And I waited. Wednesday night at 11:30 I emailed my contact again. I asked what am I going to do? I know the order wasn’t going to come before the weekend and I run out of food Friday night. Thursday at noon I get a phone call from a nutritionist from Nutrisystem. He was very nice and helpful.  He was also very encouraging. He came up with a plan to “go at it on my own” for a week. Even though he was very nice and helpful I panicked!! “WHAT!!! I have to figure out how to eat on my own after only ONE month!!!” I had already tried eating out on my own a very few times and I felt like I didn’t know enough yet to eat all the right foods. I was in serious panic mode.
Though out this week I came into contact with a fellow Canadian Blogger who is on the same program. Funny thing is I’ve been reading her blog for at least the past 2 months thanks to Melissa at Sippy Cup Mom. Then Susie from Stomach Rumblings emailed me. Come to find out we are within driving distance from each other!!! How crazy is that? I LOVE reading her blog, she has been my inspiration, in the past year she’s lost over 80lbs on Nutrisystem, awesome.
So I told her about my frustration. And she so kindly offered to give me some of her meals to make it until my new food arrives. WOW, huge blessing. No more panic mode AND I now have someone I can be accountable with. We even had a playdate with our little ones, so awesome.
(wow, all that was way longer then I wanted it to be, sorry ya’ll)
HUGE thank you to Susie, I encourage you all to check out her blog, she has some great recipes, and you can read about her journey of her weightloss.
Stomach Rumblings

I have taken new photos and I have also did my measurements again and will post them below my weight loss section.

Now for the moment we all have been waiting for, the weigh-in. I weighed in at 232.4lbs today. For a loss this week of 2lbs and a total of 9.6lbs

My current stats(Jan 22, 2011)-
Height- 5′ 11″
Weight(weekly updated)- 232.4lbs for a loss of 9.6lbs
Thighs- 24.5 inches for a loss of .25 inches
Waist- 46.75 inches for a loss of 1.25 inches
Hips- 45.5 inches for a loss of 1.5 inches
Upper arms- 14 inches for a loss of .5 inches

First week’s photo-

This week’s photo(you can see a bit of change)-

If you missed any past updates/posts from me on my journey with the Nutrisystem program you can click here to read more.
This is my official starting weight- 242 lbs. (Dec 25, 2010)

Disclaimer- I am part of the Nutrisystem Canada blogger program. They are providing me with free food with the understanding that I will be blogging and giving my HONEST opinion on the Nutrisystem Canada program. My opinion my differ from yours.

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