Silver Linings- review

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Silver Linings
“We women put all kinds of crazy stress on our shoes. We wear the same pair, usually without the benefit of socks to help protect both our shoes and our feet from moisture, wear and tear. Traditional insoles are often bulky and don’t do much in the way of moisture prevention. So what’s a stylin’ lady to do?
Silver Linings shoe liners will extend the life of shoes while keeping feet feeling fresh and clean. They contain a special silver-based technology that banishes odor day in and day out, and they’ll add an extra layer of moisture-wicking comfort. Ultra-thin, they’ll fit into almost any shoe. When they wear out, simply throw them out and insert a new pair – non-adhesive grip backing means no sticky residue to contend with, and one-size-fits-all means no trimming to fit!”

My Thoughts-
The day my Silver Linings came was the same day I had a huge business social and I was planning on wearing my flats. I call this perfect timing, I was going to be on my feet for a long time and having sweaty stinky feet while chatting with people just doesn’t sound pleasant.
The Silver Linings went into my shoes very nicely. They fit right at the toe area where we sweat the most. They are thin enough that it really didn’t effect the fit of my shoe either.
After 3 hours of walking around on my feet I was pleasantly surprised to have dry, unstinky feet. (is unstinky even a word, lol). Something I love about these liners is they have silver in them. Silver is an antibacterial material that naturally keeps the germs away.
I love my Silver Linings and am glad to have found this company. If you are a busy women who hates how her feet feel/look/smell after a long day of wearing your flat/heels then I recommend this company to you.

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