“The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask” book review

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“The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask” by Mark Mittelberg
““Why are Christians against same-sex people getting married? . . . Why do you believe God exists at all? . . . Why would God allow evil and suffering? . . . Why trust the Bible when it’s full of mistakes? . . . How could a loving God send people to hell? . . . What makes you think Jesus was more than just a good teacher? . . . Why are Christians so judgmental?”
Some questions can stop a conversation. Today, more than ever, people are raising difficult, penetrating questions about faith, God, and the Bible. Based on an exclusive new Barna survey of 1,000 Christians, The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask presents compelling, easy-to-grasp answers to ten of the most troubling questions facing Christians today. These include everything from the existence of heaven to the issues of abortion and homosexuality, as well as the question of whether evolution eliminates our need for a God.”

Chris’ Thoughts- (my hubby read this book)

I have been a Christian for quite a long time, and going through Bible College, I have taken courses in Apologetics (the discipline of defending. see wikipedia.com). As I read through this book I found it to be much more then just ‘Answers to Tough Questions’. Mark Mittelberg does a great job going through the question and answering the question from a couple different angles. He isn’t satisfied by giving pat answers but goes into detail about each individual question. The nice thing about the book is that at no point does it sound ‘preachy’ or ‘pushy’. He carefully goes into details that make sense, and are easy to help someone be able to express these answers to friends or family members that may have these same questions.

One thing that I found when I started college was that I understood and believed key ideas and doctrines of Christianity, but I really didn’t know how to defend or explain my beliefs. If I grew up in a Christian family, would this be much different for other Christians who don’t have the opportunity to go to a Christian University to learn more about this? I think this book is a great resource for people who have family and friends who have questions, or for those who work or live in an environment to where questions may come up.

Each chapter also includes discussion points to discuss with a group, so this can be a great resource for small groups to discuss and learn together.

It did take me a while to read through this book, sometimes the explanations and discussions were a bit complicated. I did enjoy that as I love to think in different ways, I just needed to take a break every once and a while. It is good that is broken into sections on different questions so really you wouldn’t need to read the whole book in order if you wanted to start with a specific question you need some answers to.

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