“The Wylds” DVD- review (CLOSED)

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Good Outlaws Studios in association with Metro One Music Incorporated presents, “The Wylds
“The Wylds is an action-packed, adventure film inspired by the hugely popular classic, “The Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan. Filled with outrageous characters and exciting special effects, this thought-provoking allegory is a movie the whole family will enjoy.
Chris, a runaway child, lives with a group of misfits in a junkyard, stealing to survive. When a traveling preacher tells him that his father is alive and wants him to come home, Chris must leave his family of thieves and venture into the wilderness in search of his father and a better life.
Join Chris on an action-packed adventure as he outwits bandits, escapes swamp monsters, battles evil robots, and learns valuable lessons about choosing the right path in life.
A contemporary allegory inspired by John Bunyan’s ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress.'”

My Thoughts-
I totally LOVED this movie. It was fun, weird, crazy and had an awesome message.
The film starts out with Evangeline (the preacher) walking down some tracks, the effects of it make it feel older, western kind of movie. We then go to a boy (Chris) running through a junk yard of trailers away from the police. Beware, you may get a bit motion sick from this screen but it’s important to the story. You see Chris is a thief. He is stealing for a man named Iggy. (that part sort of gives you the Oliver Twist feeling with him steeling and giving his findings to Fagin- a book that also took some things from Pilgrim’s Progress )
Chris ends up running into a church and starts to steel candle holders. Evangeline catches him, the police catches up to him too. However Evangeline covers for him. After the police leaves, Chris asked why she did that. She said she believed he was good (or something to that matter).  He gave her the candle holders back and then asked about some books. He wanted to know if they were worth anything, she told him about a book that is priceless (the Bible).
The story goes from there, with Chris leaving his thieving life, having to find his way to the Celestial City. And running into big & small obstacles along the way. Chris has to learn who is the truth and who wants to lead him astray. He uses the Priceless Book to guide him along the way.
There are parallels to different Bible stories throughout this movie as well. We have the prodigal son, Chris left his father and lost all of his money and is ashamed to go back to him, but Evangeline lets him know his father still loves him. We have the David and Goliath story, when Chris needs to face a large giant robot. Chris also has to trust his friends who are called Faith and Hope.
“Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” – YES, yes indeed.
The movie has many crazy special effects. They all bring you through different eras and feelings. Electric City is the craziest, you get the 80’s techno color feel from it, making it so much fun.
I would recommend this movie to all families. Younger ones, kids under 10 might not really understand it and might get scared of the robot. But I think this movie would really appeal to tweens/teens. I also recommend after watching the movie through once to go to the special features and watch the movie with the commentary, it’s really gives you more insight to the movie, the people behind it and it’s story.
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