Which linky will you use?

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I have been using Linky Tools for a long time now, however as of Feb 7th it will become a paid site only. For $2 a month, pay a year in advance, you can use Linky Tools. Doesn’t sound like much but it really upset me. I TOTALLY understand the reasoning, but I needed to find a solution where I could go month to month.

I had lots of problems with another linky site and really didn’t want to go back. But someone from there talked to me and this is really the best way for me to go and they have since fixed the problems I had. Below is more info.

You get FREE a text linky and for only $1.99/per month you can have thumbnail linkys. And you only have to pay one month at a time. They have a guarantee that if your problem isn’t solved you get your money back.
These are all a PLUS for me. I can go month to month like I want, I can use the text linky portion for free, and if I run into any problems they will fix them or my money back. How can I not be happy with this.
Plus they have a commission/referral link each paid user can use to build up credit for additional months.
I have tested inLinkz out again and have not had any problems. they are very quick at responding to emails and questions.

I will miss using Linky Tools, but it’s time for me to move on. Which linky will you be using?
This is not a bash to Linky Tools, he has been a great service to my blog and I wish him the best. I am also sure his deals are great and can not speak bad about them as I do not know. I am switching because right now I think inLinkz is the best for me.