“A Choice for Rose” book review

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“A Choice for Rose- Helping Overcome Childhood Obesity” by Rebecca S. Reed, illustrated by Linda E. Kleinert
“”A Choice for Rose” is an inspiring story of hope and victory over childhood obesity. The book follows Rose’s journey from sadness and low self-esteem to actually having fun while making healthier lifestyle choices.”

My Thoughts-
This is a newly released book and I say it’s about time to have a book that address the issues with childhood obesity.

I was excited for this book, as there isn’t a lot of children books touching the subject of obesity and the effects it causes, not only health wise but also socially.
Rose is a young girl who is overweight and does not feel like she fits in. Upon seeing her doctor for her yearly check-up she is told she needs to loose weight in order to be healthy. She goes from sitting in front of the TV eating snacks to going for walks with her mom and finding how yummy fruits and other healthy foods are.
Prior to loosing weight kids in school would whisper behind her back and exclude her from activities. When she come back the next year people didn’t even recognize her and congratulated her on the weight loss.
This story reminded me of one of my friends from Jr High. She was very overweight and was made fun of a lot. She left for a year and came back way lighter and looking so healthy. We didn’t even recognize her at first. I was happy for her.
For me, growing up we didn’t always eat healthy and this has lead me to a unhealthy lifestyle as an adult. I am currently working on changing that for myself and for my kids.
A lot of people don’t want to talk about weight and obesity with kids because we are afraid of giving them a poor self image or lead them to an eating disorder. I on the other hand think we can talk to our kids and help them know what is healthy or not without causing them to worry about their weight. If we start now we can change the views of the future kids, with food and self image. “A Choice for Rose” can help you open up conversation with your children.

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