“Bring on the Sunshine” event

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Today is “Family Day” here in Ontario, Canada. So there is no school or work today so that families can spend time together. This morning Chris and I were looking something fun for us to do and Chris found online an event called “Bring on the Sunshine– Celebrating Africa, Family, Community and Culture” that was held at Forest Hill United Church in Kitchener. With February being Black History month we were excited to bring our kids to this event and hoped they would learn more about another culture.

Once we got there we were given a brochure that told all about the events we could participate in throughout the day and throughout the church. The first one we went to was a musical event. the guy made sure each of us had some kind of drum/cowbell/and other percussion instruments to play. He talked about the tribes in Uganda and the importance of community and how it is a family. He used the phrase “it take a village to raise a child” and how everyone in the village has a hand in raising the children and taking care of the elders/sick. Really, I got chills from this, I wish North American culture was more like this, we really don’t care for others around us and when someone is in need a lot of the times we feel they are a burden. What he said was not true from where he came from. He then shared about music and the importance it is to the community and how they each work together to form beautiful music. He lead us through some chants and rhythms they do. I had so much fun and so did our girls. Lee has really great rhythm.
After this session we got to look around at some artwork that I totally fell in love with.

We then walked around a bit listening in to different music session. After that we found the “market place” were we could visit many booths and purchase items. Lee picked out a cute little boy doll that she is totally in love with now. She hasn’t put him down or had him out of her site. She tells me she loves him because he is “soooooo cute”.
This was thanks to nandikids.ca.

We got Moo a handmade doll made by the teenage girls at the “Eagles Wings Children’s Village” taking care of orphans in Uganda. 100% of the proceeds go right back the orphanage that provides, “healthy food, safe drinking water, clean clothes, comfortable beds and heath care”. I encourage you to visit the website for more info and on how you can sponsor a child. The dolls are so cute, they even are carrying a baby on their backs.

I picked out a Paper Beads necklace made by the women in the Wakisi Village, Uganda. The group is called “@the Source beads“. 100% of the proceeds from each sale provides:
* Food for 40-60 school children.
* Poverty relief for a destitute family in Wakisi Village.
* Education for orphaned children

I was so glad we went, we had so much fun and learned a lot.

This event was organized by the Zimbabwe Canada Association in partnership with Forest Hill United Church and Positively Cultured. Thank you to ALL who helped out and put this together. I hope you do it again.