Motivated Magazine review

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“Born out of the intention to inspire others, MOTIVATED Magazine encourages readers to rise to their fullest potential. Pairing passion with purpose, the magazine features insightful articles submitted directly from today’s world leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyday people with extraordinary stories to share.”

My Thoughts-
The last time I was on Rogers TV I had the privileged of getting meet Shevaun Voisin the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of MOTIVATED Magazine. She talked about her magazine and the purpose of it. I actually got chills hearing about this magazine and asked her if I could have her business card, she handed me her business card and 3 back issues of the magazine.
I have read two of them all the way through, from front cover to the last page. The “About” section above really hits it on the head. This magazine is motivating, inspiring and uplifting. If you are looking for a great “coffee table” magazine that your friends and family pick up, this is the one. Not all stories will be what you are going through in your life however there seems to always be something in each article that you can apply to your life or you can share with someone else needing a lift.
In the Winter 2010 issue i really enjoyed the article “Don’t Just ‘tweak’ Your Business- Reinvent it!” by Meni Mancini. Even though it was talking about your business it got me thinking about being a parent and how I feel like I’m failing at a lot at being one. I was hearing myself say, “it worked before, why isn’t it working this time?” There were thought processes Meni Mancini brought me through and got me reinventing how I do things. Just like people you meet with, work with, you may need to freshen things up to keep things moving. I need to have a plan, set it, implement it, but be flexible to change to get things working smoothly.
I encourage you all to check out MOTIVATED Magazine, I think I can safely say you will feel Motivated. If you’re still not convinced check out some of their interviews they have posted online.

FIND it-
You can also find a copy of this magazine in your local bookstore.
I was not asked to write a review. I was given past magazines to read for myself and I felt you, my readers, would enjoy learning about this magazine.