Nightmare Nibbler- review

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From the Nightmare Nibbler Website-
“Hello—my name is Susan and I am the creator of the Nightmare Nibbler. As the Mom of a young son, Sam, I am very familiar with the “middle of the night” cries for help and protection from nightmares.
Sam’s struggle with nightmares had prompted me to try and find something… anything, that would help him have a restful sleep through the night…
I created a loveable monster whose sole purpose was to protect him through the night by devouring any and all bad dreams that would come its way… this was how the Nightmare Nibbler character came to be. “

My Thoughts-
Lee is at the age of having many bad dreams and waking up screaming. When Susan, from The Nightmare Nibbler contacted me I was very exciting and curious at how well it would work for Lee.
Before our Nightmare Nibbler came I told Lee about this monster that would be coming in the mail to help get rid of her bad dreams. When it came she wanted to hug and cuddle him so much. She loves him so much. Each Nightmare Nibbler comes with a poem about him being your friend and how he is there to eat your bad dreams. It’s a cute little poem and made him even more lovable. Since we’ve gotten him Lee hasn’t missed a night sleeping with him. If she leaves him in the playroom when she goes to bed she will yell, “I forget my Nightmare Nibbler, can you get him please?”
Since he has come into our lives Lee has had only one bad dream. I told her when they come to whisper into her Nightmare Nibbler’s ear and tell him to eat the dream right now. I think he’s helping a lot for her.
We love our Nightmare Nibbler and I hope you will check them out.

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Nightmare Nibbler Gives back-
“At Nightmare Nibbler, it is important to us to give something back to the community. We enjoy the intangible benefit of giving and feel that supporting a charitable organization not only helps them, but us as well!
We are thrilled to announce our support of the Canadian charity—Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW). A portion of each Nightmare Nibbler sale will be donated to this very worthwhile cause.”

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