The Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony announces 2011/12 season

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I am starting off this post about my night. I was invited to Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony 2011/12 Season Launch Party‏, which I attended tonight. I was very very excited to be part of this. Music has played a HUGE role in my life, our life. As you know bassgiraffe is named partly by my love for playing bass clarinet, I miss playing it so much. My husband and I met in the Moody Symphonic band. And I’ve traveled all around the world playing my instrument.
I have never been to the KW-S, partly because of cost and time and another part because of my heart. I LOVE live Symphony/orchestral music so much, I miss playing it even more and when I hear the beautiful music my heart longs to be part of it.
After tonight I can’t wait for my first show. I miss it, plus we got to hear bits and pieces for this coming season and series. Below will be a video that we got to watch for a preview of the season. There is so much I can’t wait for. Some I really want to make sure I see are, “The Music of the Beatles”, “Broadway Music from West Side Story, Sound Of Music and more”, “Music of John Williams”, “Yuletide Spectacular”, “Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy”(my brother would die to see that one), and any of the kinderconcerts. Plus there are ton more that sound good too, the list about are the ones I really really want to see. I also can’t wait to introduce my kids to beautiful music and talent.
You can see more in this video.

After the kick off we had a mingle time. I enjoyed a glass of red wine and some strawberries. The event was catered by Little Mushroom Catering, it looked like they had a lot of yummy foods. And we were entertained by three amazing musicians, Ian Whitman- Bass, Daniel Warren- Trumpet and Tim Louis- piano.
While mingling I got to meet the Music Directer of the KW-S, Edwin Outwater. I told him about my passion for bass clarinet and let me know they had a bass clarinetist and tired finding her so I could meet her. Unfortunately she had already left. I do hope to meet her someday.
Thank you to Esther for the invite. I had a wonderful night. I look forward to what this year will bring.

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