The Week of the Sick

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We have been one sick family since last Wednesday night.
It started with Lee, she kept saying her head hurt and it was “going in & out, in & out), poor girl. By 8PM she was very sick, HIGH fever, 102.5 and just miserable.
She stayed home from school till today, Tuesday. She was that sick.
Well, we like to share. I got it next with a fever of 102.7. Then Chris got sick and has missed 2 days of work. This is a man who does not like missing work, so that means he was really sick. Then poor Moo got really sick Sunday and is still sick. She too has a high fever.
My lungs are killing me, they feel like sandpaper is in there when I breath. Chris has an awful cough.
I do not wish this on anyone. It sounds like a lot of our friends have been sick with this too. BOOO…
While we are on the mend, it feels like we have a long way to go to be back to 100%.
Nice thing is Lee doesn’t have school tomorrow because it’s a P.D. day, plus the snow. Chris might not have to go to work if the snow is as bad as my family got it in Iowa. And hopefully this all means one more day for ALL of us to relax and get better.
My house is a mess, but really I don’t care right now. I don’t look forward to cleaning it when I’m better, but that’s life.

Here are some pathetic (sicky) photos of us, lol.