Being in the hospital part #2

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For those who may have missed part #1 click here.

I ended up going back to the hospital Friday night with sever pain again. The meds weren’t working again. They kept me from 11:30 Friday night til 6 Saturday morning. All they did was “get my pain under control” and sent me home with yet ANOTHER set of pain meds (I think we’re up to paying $150 in different pain meds now, none of which work). Saturday morning I went home still in pain and vomiting, I ended up vomiting (from pain) 4x’s before I went back to the hospital(via ambulance). There they made me wait in the waiting room for over 9 hours, with no pain meds, without being allowed to eat of drink. The last time I had eaten was at 2:30Pm Saturday and I threw it up so technically the last food I ate that stayed in me was 8PM Friday. I also need to add by this time I could not pee, all I could is get out a trickle and that was painful.
I stayed in the hospital over night then was giving a CT scan. Found out the stone has not moved and is now 6mm. Sunday morning I was still vomiting from pain and still hadn’t eaten or drunken anything. I clearly needed to stay in the hospital til I was able to see a specialist to get the stone removed. HAHA!! The hospital are a bunch of assholes, sorry but true. “We are sending you home, if you don’t hear from the specialist in a few days call him. If you get in worse pain come back in.” WHAT!!!!!!????? I can’t keep going threw this. I have been in and out of there 4x’s already in the past week, now they’re telling me to wait the pain out and to come back and wait 8+ hours to see them again when I’m already here? NOT COOL!!! I even told them that the night before when I was waiting in pain in the waiting room that I tried killing myself by taking all my pain meds at once. My husband had to stop me and take the meds away. I don’t agree with suicide but I knew at the moment what people who do take their life feels like. You feel you have no other choice, the pain was too much to bare, I couldn’t take it any longer. Thankfully I had my husband with me. But do you think the nurse and doctor cared? NOPE!! They just heard I was suicidal and they didn’t care. WOW!!!! I call this Health UN-Care NOT Health-care.
So here I am sitting at home. The drugs are working for now but as history has proven the pain WILL come back with a vengeance. I WILL have to go back to the piece of crap hospital. (I will be trying a different one in town to see if they are better). My mental state will be pushed to it’s breaking point and I will probably have to do this for 2 more week. Ontario Health care is great for the fact I don’t have to worry about paining a bill but SUCKS for actual care. The ONLY reason why they sent me home was because “they need the bed space”. i hope whoever got my bed is grateful.

SO with all that being said. I am in a drugged up state. It’s hard to make clear thoughts. It’s taken me 30 min to write this. I will try to get some review/giveaway posts up. I do have a few already written and scheduled to go up so that is nice. My hubby will help too. If you have a guest post you would like to share please let me know. I am also sorry for the delay in picking winners from Friday I will try it later. There will also be now Wednesday Giveaway link-up or Thursday blog hop this week. SO SORRY guys. I LOVE you all sooooooo much and it kills me to not be blogging. I find blogging is my energy, part of my life and to miss so many days of writing KILLS me.
THANK YOU all for your love, prayers and understanding.