Being in the Hospital

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First off I want to thank you all for your love, emails and posts to me during this time. I will be behind on emails, follow backs, reviews & giveaways for at least a week. I will do what I can when I’m not in pain or drugged up with pain meds. I love my blog and it’s readers and miss you when I’m not on. below is what is going on with me, just to keep ya’ll in the loop with everything. Again, thank you ALL.

I went into the hospital Monday morning with sudden very sharp pains in my right side. I found out I had kidney stones in both sides. 2 in my left kidney and even though no stones showed up in my right kidney they could tell one had been in there because it was enlarged. They sent me home Monday night with some pain killers. All day Tuesday I suffered at home in pain, the meds weren’t working. So Wednesday morning I went back to the hospital were they had me on stronger meds and did more tests. I now have 4 stones in my left kidney(they think the two broke in half from before). They were also able to find a 5mm stone stuck in the passage way from my kidney to my bladder on my right side. That is why my right side hurts sooooooo badly. They sent me home last night with percocet and a muscle relaxant to help try to push the stone out. I go back next week to do more tests, if it is still there they will send me to a specialist and see what he can do it get rid of it.

The meds make me feel yucky(very spacey, shaky, and nauseous) but at least the pain is not so bad. I really hope this is over with soon. The pain is so bad that I feel like I will die from it. I know I won’t but man does it hurt. Anyone who has had kidney stones, gall stones or labor pains will know sort of what I’m going through. Actually labor pains are a breeze compared to this pain. gall stones are a closer pain to kidney stones.