Business card collection

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Most, if not all of you don’t know this. But back in High School I collected business cards from all around the US and the world. My Uncle Jack helped me with getting most of them and in the end I had around 1000 of them. In 1998 my mom called me at college and asked if I’d be willing to give up my collection for a little boy in Georgia who’s dying wish was to have the largest business card collection in the world. Although it was hard for me to give all of them up I also wanted to help this little boy and had my mom send them all to him.

I had all my business card sorted alphabetically and by country. I LOVED collecting them. Now with my blog, I have been getting a small collection of business cards started(only have about 50) and I’m getting the collecting bug in me.

Now is my call to you guys. If you have business cards of your own or have a few from someone else laying around and you’d like to share them with me I’d appreciate it. I really want to boost my collection back to where it was. I know I won’t have the same ones I had back in the day, but getting to see all the new ones will be so exciting.

Please email me if you can help out and I’ll send you my mailing address. Thank you for your help. Please pass the word on about this project. Maybe if it gets huge enough I will have a little “celebration” for you guys.