Butt Naked Baby – Product Review

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Butt Naked Baby
“From the ingredients we choose, to the packaging we put it in, every detail defines who we are and what we are made of…. or not made of. BNB certified organics are free from toxic chemicals, pesticide residues, parabens , SLS, artificial colorings, fragrances and synthetic preservatives. As a manufacturer, we use all recyclable containers, and always avoid the use of secondary packaging that gets instantly thrown away, only to decorate our landfills. We believe it to be our responsibility to be part of the solution.”

My Thoughts-
I was given thr following products to review- Nurturing Oil, Shea Stick and 911 Rescue Cream. What I love about all these products is they say they can be used for mommy too. I always test new products on myself before using them on my kids so I was excited to know that they are recommended for my use too.
I am totally in LOVE with the Shea Stick. For your child it could be used for chapped lips and face (for all that drool) or as I used it, for mommy’s lips. It went on nice and smooth, not heavy, there is no scent to it and really helped my dry chapped lips look & feel better. I carry this around with me in my purse.
The Nurturing Oil is perfect for a soothing bath or for a baby massage. I personally loved rubbing this on my feet. It’s perfect for giving you that soft skin feeling.
911 Rescue Cream has many uses but one that interested me was for eczema. I know a lot of friends whose baby suffers from this and offered one of them to test it out and share with me what they thought about it. Below is their thought.
“My 8 month old son has sensitive skin and has had problems with mild eczema, dry skin and rashes. I was excited to try a new cream on him. First, I tried the cream on my hands ( I thought it would be a good idea to try it on myself first). It has helped my hands to retain their moisture, and my hands are now soft, instead of dry and flaky. After seeing positive results on my hands after a few days, I decided to use it on my son. The cream has taken away the red dry spots on the inside of his elbows, the under arms, and his shoulders. The natural scent of the ingredients is pleasant and gentle, and it’s not too greasy after application. The only negative thing I can say about the cream is that I wish it came in a tube! The small flat jar becomes slick on your hands after putting on a bit of cream and it is hard to handle it with a wiggly 8 month old . I would like it better if it came in a tube with a flip top that I could easily open and close and then get out of his reach. I would consider buying this product, especially if it came in a tube. “

My favorite thing about these products are they all are scent free and natural. This gives me peace of mind when using them on my kids.

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You can buy Butt Naked Baby products at Target or on drugstore.com
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