First review 1 year ago today!

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A year ago today I wrote my first review. It wasn’t even meant to be a review, review. Just a story about a really nice company and their cute clothes so that my family could read it. From there I was contacted by another company asking if I’d review their stuff too and here we are today.
I’ve been in the New York Times, Waterloo Chronicle, on the radio and have made 3 TV appearances. I have over 2175 followers, a growing twitter and facebook page. And have reviewed over 185 products. WOW, never would have imagined all of this. I feel very blessed.

Cute as Bug Boutique Review- March 3rd, 2010

What are my plans/goals for bassgiraffe’s Thoughts?
-there are several bigger name companies I’d love to work with but I’m sure I’m not big enough for them. Plus I love helping out the smaller companies.
-I would LOVE to make a TV appearance on CTV and/or even have my own 30 min TV show on Rogers.
-I would love to be in a magazine (Erica, me, will be in a national magazine campaign starting in May for Biore Pore Strips, but that’s not for bassgiraffe)
-I would love to see my following in the next year double. That’s a HUGE goal and will be a lot of work to get there, but I love the challenge.

What would you like to see?
How can I make bassgiraffe’s Thoughts better for you?

-Side note I started blogging Dec 9, 2009 talking about my family. March 3, 2010 is my official review starting date.

–A lot of the items I receive, I test out and donate to someone. ie- Christian books to a church.