“Joey The Penguin” book series #1 & 2 review

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“Joey The Penguin” (book 1) Storybook by Brian Hiltz
“Join Joey and his friends in their exciting adventure. Joey the Penguin is a story of a happy little penguin who lives out his dream of playing baseball in the Antarctic, despite everyone telling him that it would not be possible. Joey the Penguin serves to teach children that anything is possible in life if you truly believe that it is.”

“Preston Goes Green” (book 2) Storybook by Brian Hiltz
“Preston Goes Green is the story about Preston the Canadian polar bear who teaches his animal friends about the plight of the polar bear, the importance of the three R’s (reducing, reusing and recycling) and saving the planet. In the story, Preston teaches Joey and his friends how to play a game of hockey.”

My Thoughts-
The first book is about Joey the Penguin and meeting all of his new friends while he tries to put together a baseball game. You also get to learn about the different type of arctic animals and where they live.The book also teaches about getting along and welcoming those that might be different from you.
the second book features Preston the polar bear. He is on a mission to help save the planet from global warming. He teaches about recycling, reusing and reducing. This is a fun way to teach your kids about taking care of our Earth. Preston also teaches the animals how to play hockey, a fun sport here in Canada, eh? 😉
I love both of these books and can’t wait to read more. I see one of his next books will be about a Shark with dyslexia, perfect for me as I struggle with this daily and as a kid my teachers didn’t recognize this in me. So to have a book talking about it is awesome, it helps get the word out.
I love that these books are fun colorful and teach moral, life lessons in a fun way for your kids. You learn about acceptance, helping the planet and even about being active with sports. There is so much to these books. One last thing I want to add is I love the illustrations (Ian Gallant) in these books, the characters really come to life.

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