Kidney Stone update

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First off thank you all for your kind messages, prayers and patients. This is going to be a long ride. Price I pay for living on the Canadian health system. Below is an update.

I saw the urologist today(finally) The first available time for surgery is March 28th! He said the stone has a 5% chance of actually passing on it’s own and if it hasn’t by now it probably won’t. And that I would know if it did as it’s the size of a lentil bean and would make a plop noise when I peed and I should be able to see it in the toilet.
I asked why the ER took so long to get me in contact with a specialist and this is what he said. “As long as you can manage the pain with the meds it’s not viewed as an emergency to the people in the ER, Next week all OR’s are booked(not allowed for secluded surgery) for Spring Break”. He is also gone until March 28th to a conference.
However the meds make me very loopy and sleepy, so not sure what to do with taking care of my family. It’s either tons of pain or totally out of my mind. Neither sound fun to me. He was a very nice doctor though and gave me some ideas on how to get help faster. Just don’t know if I want to put myself through the pain and the LONG waiting at an ER.
Just wishing this will all end so we can get back to our “normal” life. I am going to try and write posts as I am very very very far behind on reviews. (have 9 waiting to be written), along with my regular blogging stuff, host hops, joining hops, Nutrisystem updates, and just reading my friends blogs/twitter/facebook. I feel so far behind.
Plus my house looks so trashed, I haven’t had the strength to clean. Lee has been having nightmares that mommy would go to the ER and never come back, Moo is very cranky. Chris has missed an entire week of work. All this is effecting every aspect of my life. Once I’m better I know I am going to be overwhelmed, I am already feeling it and there is nothing I can do about it.

Again thank you to all who have stick with me through all of this. It means a lot to me. Daily visits may be low but daily emails are not and I feel loved. MWAH!! LOVE!! HUGS!!!