National Volunteer Week

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My Special Volunteer-
I am nominated my friend Holly S. She volunteers so much in our church for so many different programs. And if she is asked to step in and help out somewhere else she most of the times say with a smile, “sure, no problem”.
Holly is a youth leader, a Sunday school helper, she helps out on our church’s Monday night Drop-in for the kids in the neighborhood. She is currently helping out with our Church Musical. And after church events is willing to give a helping hand.
On top of all Holly does she has two jobs AND loves to help babysit kids from our church. She amazing with kids and I know that someday she hopes to help run a daycare. During the summer Holly also volunteers to work at a camp and has gone on missions trips to help others.
Holly has a selfless heart, she loves to give of herself and help everyone she can. AND she does this with a beautiful SMILE on her face. THANK YOU Holly for ALL you do. I know there is tons more I have missed (because you keep so busy) but I just wanted to let you know your love, compassion and helpfulness is noticed.

ANNOUNCEMENT- Extraordinary Volunteers GIVEAWAY
Do you know a special volunteer who deserves some recognition? Do you know someone who always puts others first? Do you know someone who will volunteer to clean up a the end of an event and not complain? Do you know a volunteer who will be the first to arrive and last to leave a school function, church service, awards ceremony, etc? If so, we want to hear about this special volunteer.
Carolina Pad and have teamed together to make National Volunteer Week special for those people who do the dirty work and don’t get the recognition they deserve. We would like to hear from YOU about your special volunteer!
In this contest you can enter to win a Carolina Pad gift certificate for yourself and the volunteer and up to 20 notebooks for your organization. We are asking contest participants to tell us why their special volunteer is the best and deserves to win!”

To enter this contest and share about a volunteer in your life click here.
Contest is open- March 21-April 1
one winner a day the week of April 11-15 will be announced.

Disclaimer- I was given a notebook from Carolina Pad in exchange for this post. No money was exchanged.